I promised you that the picture part of the review will be finished on Wednesday. I worked very hard to finish it all and now it is finished at least at this point.

When you are finished creating a webpage here at Weebly you have to press the button "publish". After this moment it is viewable on the whole internet. It was not easy for me to press publish because I cannot win - I have a camera with compromises and Fujifilm that might not like me very much after my report on the internet. I just did it in the end for you. To give you a helping hand if you want to create 3D photos.

But in the end it is just the experience that I made and perhaps you have a different one.

I thank you that you spent the time to read my lines. If you have any comments please contact me at the contact link above. If you do not get a response please check the spam folder.



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