In the meantime it is October 2012. Last month my warranty for my Finepix Real 3D ended and Fujifilm might be happy. I did not have any further problems with the camera since I wrote my review in February simply because I never used it again. And I did not try to get an other fix during the warranty. There seems to be no fix possible and so I gave up.

Since some links to other sites did not work anymore I had to make some updates. Here sadly Fujifilm removed the photo with the girl and the flowers from their site. It showed impressive quality problems. Instead of this photo they put there many nice photos. I did not check them all for problems. But at the one that I looked at there were no problems anymore. So if your camera shows a different result then just tell Fujifilm that your camera works differently and so obviously not correct

To make the review (hopefully) easier to read I created more sub-menus. Out of the menu Video/Night shots I created  a  menu for Video and a separate menu for Night Shots. I did the same for Handling/Conclusion. The downside is that there are more menu items now and so the menu is wider. If you have problems with the display of this wider menu please let me know it. You can leave me a message under Contact.



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