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First I am happy that I can tell you that I found this promised 3D aquarium in the data jungle of my computer. I added it to the page about 3D Photos Without 3D Camera. I hope you like it.

Then I made some updates to my review. I added information about further sharpness problems and in addition about pixel errors at video. I added also some sample video files for download if you want to find out more about this video format. Look at the bottom of the following page

Fujifilm & Other Download Links.

To the last replacement camera again (after some more time to test).

It has it all - axis alignment problem, sharpness problems and on top of it bad pixel at video recording. And I cannot play back on the camera HD1280 3D videos recorded on my Kingston SDHC 16 GB class 10 memory. Perhaps SanDisk works - I do not want to find it out anymore.

Let's forget about the axis alignment problem - there seems to be no other option. I can fix this afterwards (to a certain extend) even if it is very annoying and leads to quality loss when you save the corrected photo. But I cannot fix the random sharpness problems and the bad pixel at the video recording.

So what to do now? Send it back and get one more challenge - if Fujifilm still talks to me despite warranty and my nice review? For instance I found the message at the link below about white dots (bad pixel) where somebody writes that he had 3 cameras already because of this and still has bad pixel.


So what can I hope for? With the repaired one I had four (4) FinPix REAL 3D W3 camera samples already that had problems. And when I look at the sample photos at the Fujifilm site I have to admit they are honest. They just put them there without fixing the problems of the camera they used for these shots - could have been one of mine :-) Look at the sharpness of the right lens at 002.zip (DSCF9746.mpo - the girl with the flowers)
- you can find the download links here. [ * Update 10/2012 - sadly Fujifilm has the photo removed in the meantime and replaced by others * ]

I do not blame Fujifilm Thailand (so much). Okay, their repair was far from perfect to put it like this :-) So it seems that they just can send me a new camera as fix. They cannot open endlessly boxes and check if they work or not. A quality control at this point is too late. They might not be able to sell such cameras anymore. But I blame Fujifilm Japan that they sell such questionable quality .The camera has been some time on the market already and so they know about it.

I cannot even sell this brand new camera for instance on eBay without mentioning the problems. I just might get it back and/or lose my good rating. And what would I get for it if I mention the problems? Would you buy a camera where you read about bad pixel for instance?

Whatever - my camera rests unused in the box - with many months warranty left.
Despite all this I still hope that Fujifilm can provide us better quality - then this camera might be hard to beat.



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