In the meantime it is October 2012. Last month my warranty for my Finepix Real 3D ended and Fujifilm might be happy. I did not have any further problems with the camera since I wrote my review in February simply because I never used it again. And I did not try to get an other fix during the warranty. There seems to be no fix possible and so I gave up.

Since some links to other sites did not work anymore I had to make some updates. Here sadly Fujifilm removed the photo with the girl and the flowers from their site. It showed impressive quality problems. Instead of this photo they put there many nice photos. I did not check them all for problems. But at the one that I looked at there were no problems anymore. So if your camera shows a different result then just tell Fujifilm that your camera works differently and so obviously not correct

To make the review (hopefully) easier to read I created more sub-menus. Out of the menu Video/Night shots I created  a  menu for Video and a separate menu for Night Shots. I did the same for Handling/Conclusion. The downside is that there are more menu items now and so the menu is wider. If you have problems with the display of this wider menu please let me know it. You can leave me a message under Contact.


3D Aquarium & More



First I am happy that I can tell you that I found this promised 3D aquarium in the data jungle of my computer. I added it to the page about 3D Photos Without 3D Camera. I hope you like it.

Then I made some updates to my review. I added information about further sharpness problems and in addition about pixel errors at video. I added also some sample video files for download if you want to find out more about this video format. Look at the bottom of the following page

Fujifilm & Other Download Links.

To the last replacement camera again (after some more time to test).

It has it all - axis alignment problem, sharpness problems and on top of it bad pixel at video recording. And I cannot play back on the camera HD1280 3D videos recorded on my Kingston SDHC 16 GB class 10 memory. Perhaps SanDisk works - I do not want to find it out anymore.

Let's forget about the axis alignment problem - there seems to be no other option. I can fix this afterwards (to a certain extend) even if it is very annoying and leads to quality loss when you save the corrected photo. But I cannot fix the random sharpness problems and the bad pixel at the video recording.

So what to do now? Send it back and get one more challenge - if Fujifilm still talks to me despite warranty and my nice review? For instance I found the message at the link below about white dots (bad pixel) where somebody writes that he had 3 cameras already because of this and still has bad pixel.

So what can I hope for? With the repaired one I had four (4) FinPix REAL 3D W3 camera samples already that had problems. And when I look at the sample photos at the Fujifilm site I have to admit they are honest. They just put them there without fixing the problems of the camera they used for these shots - could have been one of mine :-) Look at the sharpness of the right lens at (DSCF9746.mpo - the girl with the flowers)
- you can find the download links here. [ * Update 10/2012 - sadly Fujifilm has the photo removed in the meantime and replaced by others * ]

I do not blame Fujifilm Thailand (so much). Okay, their repair was far from perfect to put it like this :-) So it seems that they just can send me a new camera as fix. They cannot open endlessly boxes and check if they work or not. A quality control at this point is too late. They might not be able to sell such cameras anymore. But I blame Fujifilm Japan that they sell such questionable quality .The camera has been some time on the market already and so they know about it.

I cannot even sell this brand new camera for instance on eBay without mentioning the problems. I just might get it back and/or lose my good rating. And what would I get for it if I mention the problems? Would you buy a camera where you read about bad pixel for instance?

Whatever - my camera rests unused in the box - with many months warranty left.
Despite all this I still hope that Fujifilm can provide us better quality - then this camera might be hard to beat.


I promised you that the picture part of the review will be finished on Wednesday. I worked very hard to finish it all and now it is finished at least at this point.

When you are finished creating a webpage here at Weebly you have to press the button "publish". After this moment it is viewable on the whole internet. It was not easy for me to press publish because I cannot win - I have a camera with compromises and Fujifilm that might not like me very much after my report on the internet. I just did it in the end for you. To give you a helping hand if you want to create 3D photos.

But in the end it is just the experience that I made and perhaps you have a different one.

I thank you that you spent the time to read my lines. If you have any comments please contact me at the contact link above. If you do not get a response please check the spam folder.


Yesterday I received the last FinePix REAL 3D W3 from Fujifilm Thailand. After all this bad experience in the past 5 months I expected it to be the top of the quality line. It is not as far as I could see until now.

But now I had 4 FinePix REAL 3D W3 samples:
  • the fist one worried me - it had perfect alignment of the axes but often unsharp photos with the left lens
  • the second one shocked me - it was the repaired first one and not to use
  • the third one disappointed me - it had better sharpness than the first one but problems with the axes alignment
  • the forth one - hard to say so far
At the moment I am busy with taking many test shots and compare them to all the other camera samples. I will not make it easy for me with the final verdict. But it is not easy too since the camera does not give you the same results at the same situation all the time.

For sure the photo part of the review will be finished on Wednesday Feb. 15th, 2012. So please check then again for the latest results.

I do not know how far I will come until Wednesday but I would like to add a small video review (the camera can record 3D video) and a small review in respect of night shots.


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